Cycling Advocacy

Want a bicycle-friendly Minnesota?

Join the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota. This fast-growing organization provides leadership and a unified voice for bicycle education, advocacy and efforts to make Minnesota more bicycle-friendly so that more people will ride bicycles more often. Become a member today and help make Minnesota the most bicycle-friendly state in the nation!

Want a bicycle-friendly America?

Join the League of American Bicyclists. Working for a bicycle-friendly America, LAB has a membership of 300,000, including 40,000 individuals and 600 affiliated groups. Become a LAB member today.

Want a bicycle-friendly community?

Visit the Bicycle-Friendly Community Campaign. People bicycle more where they feel safe and welcome. Residents enjoy reduced traffic, breathe cleaner air and get in better shape. This high quality of life attracts new residents, and the community benefits with business growth, rising property values, increased tourism and public health. The League of American Bicyclists awards qualifying cities and towns its “Bicycle Friendly Community” designations, complete with road signs that proclaim to visitors that your community enjoys — and appreciates — a high quality of life. (The Bicycle-Friendly Community Campaign is supported by grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Bikes Belong.)