This page offers a listing of some bike clubs in Minnesota. Check back for updates. Have your own club to add to the list? Send it to

Lakes Area Bike Club
“Lakes area” leaves it pretty open in Minnesota, doesn’t it? This group of recreational cyclists is based in the Detroit Lakes, Staples/Motley and Perham/Vergas area. New riders who prefer riding fewer than 15 miles are welcomed and encouraged.

Major Taylor Bicycling Club of Minnesota
Promotes safe and fun cycling for African-American communities, although all are welcome to join the club and take part in its group rides. The club also seeks to educate the public about the legendary cyclist Major Taylor, who in 1899 became the first African-American world cycling champion.

Hiawatha Bicycling Club
The Hiawatha Bicycling Club is a recreational riding club. Every month during the season the club provide about 60 rides to appeal to a wide variety of rider skills and desires. There are slow, medium and fast rides, rides from 15 to 100 miles in length and rides over every type of terrain. The Club is social in nature in that has many rides built around casual riding, sight-seeing, meals, charitable activities, etc. You will find rides throughout the 11-county metropolitan area, in other states and even in other countries. In other words, they have your kind of ride!

Mid-Minnesota Cycling Club
Based in St. Cloud. Members are well-versed in cyclo-cross and mountain biking, and very approachable. Club rides are “friendly and inclusive” (they won’t drop you). Annual dues include membership to USCF, IMBA, MORC and MCF.

Paul Bunyan Cyclists
A Brainerd-based club open to riders of varying abilities. Club rides usually begin at 6 p.m. Wednesdays at the Paul Bunyan Trailhead behind Westgate Mall in Baxter. Annual dues are $10 single and $15 family (2 or more).

Twin Cities Bicycling Club
Ride leaders welcome members and non-members on nearly 1,000 scenic club rides a year. The largest recreational cycling club in the Twin Cities appeals to those who like group riding. Non-members pay $2 per ride. Arrive 20 minutes early, sign a waiver, get a route briefing and you’re off. Ride schedule at